“wednesday 10.15.14”

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snatch + Clean and Jerk


snatch/Clean and Jerk


snatch: 1rm (20min)

Clean and Jerk: (20min) 





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“tuesday 10.14.14”1973223 849482195076071 8256394129163931618 o copy





hanging leg raise/ strict ttb


strict pull-up:1rm

strict hanging leg raises/ttb: 3x10


3 Rounds (3 min on 4 min off)

400m run

15 burpees

ME box jumps (24/20)





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“monday 10.13.14”

PizzaCatBurger with a third place finish at the Free Threesome this past Saturday - Reppin CrossFit Route 1. Very proud of all 5 teams that competed this weekend from CFRTE1.

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This is our week to retest after our 5 week wendler program. It was a quick 5 week cycle so don't expect huge gains. However you should test better than you did a month ago. Refer to the first week of September for your 1rm lifts. We will be testing every day this week except Thursday.




           bench press/ back squat (fail)



Refer to 9.4.14


12 min each

Back Squat: 1rm

Bench Press: 1rm



12 amrap 

12 strict hspu

24 rkbs (heavy)





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“Friday 10.10.14”

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October 18th. 9am



hip mobility


Squat clean


Back squat: 5x5 @75% (1min rest)

bench press: 5x5 @75% (1min rest) 


Death by squat clean  (185/125)

(if you make it to 10th round M.E.)





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“thursday 10.9.14”

IMG 5490

 Kill Cliff and Kaeli-O-Kookies = perfect snack before a Workout.






weighted sit-ups: 4x10

tgu: 3x2



15 amrap

200m kb run (53/35)

15 burpees

4 wall walks






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“wednesday 10.8.14”10387052 842102509147373 1587227171948010876 o copy



Coaches choice




Deadlift: 5x3 @75% (1min res)

strict press: 5x5 @75% (1min rest) 


3 rounds

3 min on 3+ min off

Row (300m/250m)

ME RKBS (70/53)






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“tuesday 10.7.14”10644732 842104955813795 4165995798489532671 o


Coach Katie was nice enough to write a little blurb on her experience over the past year. As you may not have realized, she has been coaching at Route 1 for a year now and has impacted our gym and lives in such a great way! She couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any better on how myself and all the coaches feel about our community. Please take a moment to read this and make sure to congratulate her on sticking around for as long as she has, putting up with our shenanigans each and every day!

One year ago this month, I coached my first class at CrossFit Route 1. I was scared sh*tless at first, but you all welcomed me into your crazy little family, with open arms and hearts. You changed my life, each and every one of you. Every individual brings something to our gym, and we are very much a sum of these wonderful parts. I wanted to tell you just how you make us "Us", class by class. Well, my opinion, at least.

5am: The Warriors. Nearly a year ago, we had our inaugural class. Watching you all CRUSH "Amanda", when most people are still asleep, was inspiring to say the least. I don't know how you do what you do. Snatches and muscle-ups before 6am, ugh!

6am: The Dedicated. You crazy cats are tight, a true family. And many of you have been together since the beginning, we love you for your loyalty! This class always flies by.

7am: The Easy-going. Sometimes there are 6 of you, other times it's a 1v1 with the Coach. Either way, you show up with your 100% effort, and that says it all.

9am: The Coachable. Always open to learning, you guys have the most variety in Coaches over the course of the week, and your willingness to hear and incorporate our cues and pointers makes us Coaches feel fulfilled in what we do.

12pm: My Peoples. My favorite class to join, because you are so much fun. Thank you for reminding me why I love CrossFit, every single time.

4 & 5pm: The Fresh Air. I'm lumping you guys together because you all generally bounce back and forth between these two times. I'm not sure if it's because it's simply earlier in the afternoon, or if it's because many of you are so excited to have beaten Rush Hour traffic to get in here, but you always just seem so happy to be together, and you thoroughly enjoy each others' company. Also, you let me play whatever I want, so I love you for that.

6pm: The Party. Generally the biggest class of the day, you are the most fun to watch as you throw down.  My favorite part of your class is watching how you all work together, cooperating to ensure that everyone has the equipment and space that they need. It's fun to watch the Prep Course-ers as they peak through the curtain and watch you all...you are exactly what they need to see as they get excited to begin their CrossFit journey!

7pm: The Closers. Like the 5am-ers, I am in awe that you are able to give 150% when many people are already in their PJs. Although I never coach this class, I love catching up with you all as you roll in and warm up together.

Community WOD: The Reason. My two favorite moments of the week are as follows:

A) 8:45am on Saturday-you all wander in, half-asleep. Within minutes, there are 15, 20, even 25+ seemingly Best Friends, 6am-ers catching up with 6pm-ers, and the gym feels alive.

B) 10:05am on Saturday-you've all been hammered by the WOD, but you made it through because you worked together. You are all sitting around, stretching, comparing notes and drinking protein. Eventually the conversation turns to the plans for the rest of the weekend, and it's suddenly clear that our gym has a higher purpose... it's a place for nearly 200 friends to work hard, so they can play harder, often together.

I spent this last weekend at a wedding in a Chicago, where I knew very few people. As the weekend went on, I found myself looking forward to the "what do you do for work" question, because I couldn't wait to tell these new acquaintances about you all, and what you mean to me. So, Thank You. I can't wait to watch you all kick butt on Saturday the 18th, at our AM vs PM Competition. (go AM!)

Love, Bosh


         Power Snatch


           Snatch/ ttb



8 minutes to practice power snatch no heavier than 5 pounds more than you will use for the 4 minutes


power snatch: 2 every :30 x 4 min (5# heavier than last week) 



OTM 12

odd: 10 ttb

even: 8 hspu (45+10+ab mat/ 25+10+ab mat) 

(pick numbers that will be tough but doable)






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“monday 10.5.14”257675 842104952480462 8295619160005204519 o



          shoulder mobility / hip mobility




Squat: 5x5 @75% (1 min rest)

bench: 5x5 @75% (1 min rest


10 amrap

200m run

8 ohs 115/80 (scale to front squat)

8 push-ups






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“friday 10.3.14”

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coaches choice


           transitions/ deadlifts


stict press:75%x5 85%x3 95%x1+

transition practice 


4 rounds

4 deadlifts @ 85% of 90%

6 muscle ups

8 box jumps (34/28)





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“thursday 10.2.14”10623499 842102859147338 6393063404332167229 o



double under practice or mobility ig you can do double unders


sdhp/ plank hold/ wall walk


rev band fly: 4x20

weighted plank hold: 4x :60 


3 rounds

25 s2oh (75/55)

25 sdhp (75/55)

5 wall walks

50 double unders or 100 singles





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