“friday 9.19.14”

IMG 5376





all the db movements


deadlift: 65%x3/ 75%x3/ 85%x3+

press: 5x5 @85% 


4 rounds (1 set of db's)

10 db burpee deadlifts

10 renegade rows (push-up/row/row)

10 hang db snatches (both at the same time) 





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“thursday 9.18.14”

IMG 5313

Calling all Lumberjacks,
As you look forward to Saturday, we wanted to give you some pointers and tips:
A) First of all, you are all going to do GREAT! Enjoy the day, it's a great WOD and a even better way to spend a Fall Saturday.
B) From today on, be sure to drink extra water daily. 
C) Similarly, eat clean! As this is a really a running WOD, be sure to avoid any foods that could cause a...situation. As we get closer to Saturday, consider limiting dairy, grains/gluten, and, especially the day of, high-fiber foods and caffeine. 
D) Look for some extra carbs on Friday. Think: sweet potatoes, berries/apples, etc. NO PASTA PARTIES ;)
E) Be sure to get up early enough so that you can eat and arrive at CF Portsmouth before 8am. Nothing is worse than feeling rushed before a competition, so leave yourself some wiggle room.
F) Gear you might want to bring: 
-hat/sweatshirt/gloves (in case its very chilly in the am).
-extra water
-banana/fuel for fire/other quick snack
-protein for post-WOD
-knee sleeves/belt (no oly's, can't run in 'em!)
-you will receive a t-shirt at registration, but you could bring a change of clothes
E) RELAX! Envision yourself performing the movements, then, at 3-2-1...GO, take a deep breath and GO! Keep the runs at 80-85% effort, don't sprint but don't move too slowly. Form a game plan for the deadlifts, OHS, C2B/pull ups, and squat cleans.
F) After the Lumberjack is over, there will be a second PR for Pat WOD. Bring cash if you'd like to participate in that.
E) visit this link for up to date info and heat lists.
G) and finally, for those of you who we signed up, you MUST bring $46 cash to the gym by EOD Friday. 
We will all be there to cheer you guys on, LET'S CRUSH THIS!!!
Loveeeee, KB






3 rounds

200m run

20 reverse band flys

30 sec plank hold 


400m run





400m run





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“wednesday 9.17.14”




          Dynamic / coaches choice


           Squat clean


Squat: 5@65% / 5@75% / 5+ @85%

Bench: 5x5 @ 75% (2 sec pause on chest each rep)



squat clean (185/130)

40 dubs






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“tuesday 9.16.14”

IMG 5274





power snatch


3x ME TTB rest 4min 


7 amrap

8 p. snatches (115/80)

8 box jumps (30/24) no step ups


rest 5



8 hang power cleans (115/80)

8 burpee box step up (24/20) (no jumping)





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“monday 9.15.14”

IMG 5220



coaches chioce




deadlift: 5x3 @ 75%

press: 70%x 3, 80%x 3, 90%x3+ 


10 amrap

ME strict hspu (abmat+25's) or DB strict press heavy no more that ten

Run 200m (every time you come off wall or fail db press)





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“friday 9.12.14”

IMG 5222

 There are only a few spots left in the Fall Fat Loss Challenge! June's participants were hugely successful in transforming their bodies, lifestyle habits, and workout consistency, and the beefed-up Fall Challenge is looking to build upon that success. As a reminder, our Kickoff meeting/Endurance WOD is this Sunday at 9am, so email Katie NOW atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


hip mobility + dynamic




back squat: 5x5 @ 75% 

bench: 70%x3/ 80%x3/ 90%x3+


10 amrap

12 wallball (20/14)

5 strict c2b pull-ups/strict pull-ups/banded strict pull-ups





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“thursday 9.11.14”9-11neverforget



3 x 10 TTB or V-ups + 20 Lunges 


snatch / db snatch


h. snatch + p. snatch + squat snatch  


4 Rounds

2:30 on / 2 off 

200m run/ 15 burpees if raining

ME DB Snatch (heavy)





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“wednesday 9.10.14”

Click on picture to get 10% off your gameplan/supplements for the Fall Challenge.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.36.52 PM

Best Body Challenge Fall ’14 

And we’re BACK. The CFRte1 Best Body Challenge Fall ’14 is coming right at you, with some bonus features to supplement the format we used back in June. Here’s the scoop:

-       Challenge starts with a group kick-off meeting at 9am on Sunday, September 14th. This will be a mandatoryinformational meeting, during which time you will have your benchmark measurements recorded, participate in a group goal setting session, and start the Challenge off right with an Endurance Seminar WOD from 10-11am*.

-       Like June’s Challenge, you will receive points for:

o   Each check-in meeting you attend with me

o   Every pound of fat lost

o   Every pound of muscle gained

The Male and Female winners will each receive a free month membership at CFRte1.

When you sign up for the Challenge, you will sign up as either an AM or PM team member, based upon the class times that you attend most regularly. This becomes important because…

The Challenge will culminate on Saturday, October 18th… at our CFRte1 AM vs PM IN-HOUSE COMPETITION!!!

o   Open to all athletes: Rx, Scaled, Masters. There are no individuals, partnerships, etc… this is a WHOLE team event.

o   The Best Body Challenge AM/PM designation will carry over into the Competition: whichever group (AM or PM) gained the most pounds of muscle over the course of the Challenge will receive an advantage going into the Competition!

The Challenge will include your 1v1 check-ins, Endurance WODs (on 9/14, 9/28 and 10/12).

o   We will be participating as a GROUP at the CF Portsmouth LumberJack 20 competition on September 20th. This year, the proceeds go to the PR for Pat Foundation, which is awesome.

o   CF Portsmouth has offered us a group registration discount. There are Rx and Scaled divisions. Check it out at http://crossfitportsmouth.com/event/lumberjack-20-2014/.  We will help you register once you sign up for the Challenge

This time around, we are limiting registration to the first 30 people to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . No in-person/text/FB messenger registration. Cost will be $45, cash, paid at the kick-off meeting on 9/14.

We can’t wait to see you all crush this again!

Love, K-Bo

PS… as a reminder, this Challenge is about feeling good and performing at your best. To that end, we are working towards improving body composition, not “losing weight”. For some of you, your goal will be to lose fat pounds, while maintaining lean mass (ie muscle). For others, your goal may be to maintain a particular (healthy) body fat percentage, but gain lean mass. In any event, these goals will be achieved with incremental yet long-term lifestyle and nutrition changes.

*For those of you who would prefer not to participate in the Challenge, the Endurance Seminar WODs are open to everyone, however there is a $10 drop-in fee for Unlimited members, and $20 for Limited memberships. These seminars will be ongoing upon the completion of the Challenge.




3x  plank hold :30 + banded reverse flys 20




deadlift: 70%x3/ 80%x3/ 90%x3+

Strict Press: 5x5@75%


3 Rounds

15 deadlifts (185/130)

15 ring dips

50 dubs 





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“tuesday 9.8.14”

IMG 5189



          3x 10 weighted sit-ups + 15 superman


           s2oh/box jumps/rkbs/power cleans



25 amrap

25 s2oh (95/65)

25 box jumps (24/20)

25 rkbs (53/35)

200m run

25 power clean (95/65)





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“monday 9.8.14”

Be careful or you may end up doing burpees in the sweat box out front.

IMG 5218

Today is Day 1 of our 5-week Wendler strength cycle. If you missed any of the 1RM days last week, you will need your 1RM squat, press, bench press and deadlift. All percentages are based on your "training max" (TM). The TM is 90% of your best current 1RM or a projected/calculated 1RM (a coach can help you find that).


          shoulder mobility + hip mobility + coaches choice


           bench press/ pull-ups







Bench Press:

5x5 @75%


Amrap 10






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