“Friday 11.29.13”

Training for Fat Loss
Written by Calvin Sun

I’ve spent the better part of a decade earning a living by training clients and working with athletes. In that time, the biggest misconceptions that I have seen over and over have been related to training for fat loss. I hate to generalize, but most women (and some men) believe that they should avoid all weight training and only perform “cardio” and abdominal exercises to get their ideal physique. I see this manifest in our group classes in the form of going through the motions during the strength portion and then only focusing on the conditioning portion of the workout – and often followed up by a few sets of sit-ups or something similar. My guess is that if you are guilty of this approach, you probably haven’t seen very good results with it. Maybe you lost a few pounds initially, but now you have plateaued and you may have even gained a pound or two. This faulty approach is perpetuated by novice trainers, workout routines published in “fitness” magazines, and a few common exercise myths. In previous blog posts, Mark and I have addressed both the myth of the fat-burning zone and the myth of spot reduction. Take a minute to go back and review them if you aren’t familiar.

The hour or so you spend in the gym accounts for a very small portion of your daily caloric expenditure. Unless you are a professional athlete that trains and practices for several hours each day, the large majority of your daily caloric expenditure comes from your Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR), the calories burned to sustain your bodily functions on a daily basis. One of the most effective ways of increasing your BMR is through increasing the amount of lean muscle mass on your body. This is, of course, only achievable through weight training, preferably in the form of deadlifts, squats, presses, and other multi-joint, compound movements. You see, for every pound of lean muscle that you add, you will burn approximately 50 calories more per day. That might not sound like much but keep in mind if you swap out 5 pounds of fat for 5 pounds of muscle, you will burn close to 300 extra calories a day before you even hit the gym. Furthermore, intense weight training results in an afterburn effect where your metabolism is elevated for up to 38 hours after your training session. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC, and you can read more about it in Mark’s post here. Doing cardio alone will only decrease your BMR as time goes on. This turns into an uphill battle as your BMR keeps dropping, you’ll need to increase the amount of cardio you do to create the same deficit. Without weight training, you’ll lose muscle which will actually account for some weight loss, and you might even lose a few pounds of fat if your diet is decent, but it’s unlikely you will achieve (or maintain) the level of fat loss you desire.

“Won’t weights make me bulky?”
Getting big and muscular is very hard to do. Just ask any average male. It takes years of hard work, the right training program, and a lot of food . . . it just doesn’t happen by accident. Weight training will add a few pounds of needed lean body mass which will in turn make you leaner and give you a better looking physique. Women simply don’t have the levels of testosterone needed to support the type of muscle growth you fear. Unless you are taking anabolic steroids, gaining too much muscle is probably the least of your worries. And if you are taking steroids, gaining muscle is still probably the least of your issues.

“Marathon runners are skinny, shouldn’t I run to become thinner?
That makes as much sense as playing basketball to get taller. This logical fallacy is commonplace in fitness as many people are quick to make hasty generalizations. In any sport, genetics certainly play an important role. The best runners are thin because skinny people make for better runners. Just as the best basketball players are tall, the best runners are thin. In fact, many people who take up running end up “skinny fat”, a physique denoted by a lack of lean muscle mass and often accompanied by a noticeable amount of fat or “doughy” appearance. These people are known to complain about being unable to lose the last the few pounds of fat around their midsection while sipping on a fruit smoothie or over a lunch of whole grain pasta.


All these ladies are CF games athletes! To Big?


          mobility + YTI


           power clean


        power clean: 3rm


         12 amrap

         7 pull-ups

         7 power cleans (@70% of 3rm)

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“Happy Turkey Day”




          coaches choice




         35 amrap

         teams of three (one person works at a time)

              800m run

          100 kb swings

          100 front squats (155/105)

          100 box jumps (30/24)

          100 s2oh (155/105)

    Pick a weight everyone one can use. Small quick sets.

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“Wednesday 11.27.13”IMG 2650

From Coach Katie aka KBo

My yoga mentor Rob shared something with my class last weekend, and it really resounded with me. He explained that his wife, also a yoga instructor, will sometimes ask her class to dedicate their practice to the people in their lives that enable them to practice yoga. It could be their significant other who takes care of the chores or kids, it could be a co-worker or boss that picked up some slack, or even a parent, sibling, or friend who purchased you a giftcard for the class.

Point is, I’ve heard so many great stories from many of you, explaining how others have sacrificed so that you can come kill it at CrossFit Route 1. My guess is that those sacrifices have, more often than not, been made out of love, and that your loved ones aren’t looking for any payback or gratitude. But, we all know they deserve it!

That being said, the CFRte1 family is so excited to announce that we are going to have a special “I’m Thankful for YOU!” WOD on Saturday, November 30th. It will be at 9am, and you are each welcome to bring one non-member, who will be your teammate for the WOD. As always, this will be a tough workout, but it will be accessible to nearly anyone. And it will be FUN!

Love, KBo

PS… Since I have your attention, I am thankful for EACH and EVERY ONE of you, for making these last 4 months at CFRte1 so wonderful. Thank you for accepting and welcoming me! I hope to see you all at my special 8am WOD on TURKEY DAY!!!

Wed: 6am/7am/9am/noon

Thanksgiving 8am

Fri: 9am/noon

Sat:9am bring a friend to class day.


          dynamic +mobility


           squat snatch


        20 mins

        squat snatch: work on movement 


         2 rounds (1min each)

         muscle up or ring dip

         db snatch (50/40)

         rkb swing (70/53)



         2min ME double unders

         two different scores

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“tuesday 11.26.13”IMG 2647

Holiday schedule 

Wed: 6am/7am/9am/noon

Thanksgiving 8am

Fri: 9am/noon

Sat:9am bring a friend to class day.


          10 hang cleans + 10 burpee tuck jumps x2


           hang cleans


        pull-up: 3rm

        bench press: 3rm


         3 rounds (3m on 1m off)

         8 burpee box jumps (no push-up burpee 24/20)

         8 hang cleans (135/95)

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“monday 11.25.13”

IMG 1118


          mobility + squat hold




        back squat: 2 rm


         5 rounds

         30 double unders

         10 thruster (95/65)

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“Friday 11.22.13”IMG 2437

This week, CFRTE 1's team ( Arnold, Braden, Jason, Leigha, Lissa, and Lizzy) will be competing against CrossFit Free

on Sunday at 10:30am-11:30pm @ CFRTE1. We encourage you to come show your support and cheer on our team!


          40 banded good mornings 20 hollow rocks




        deadlift: 4rm 



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“thursday 11.21.13”IMG 2658

This week, CFRTE 1's team ( Arnold, Braden, Jason, Leigha, Lissa, and Lizzy) will be competing against Crossfit Free

on Sunday at 10:30am-11:30pm @ CFRTE1. We encourage you to come show your support and cheer on our team! 


          10 air squats/ 10 face pulls/ 5 tuck jumps x 2


           wall ball


        ring rows: 5x5 w/ 5sec hold at top

        strict pull-ups: 5x3


         4 rounds

         15 c2b

         15 wall balls (20/14)

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“wednesday 11.20.13”IMG 2675


          shoulder mobility


           push jerk


        push press: 2rm

        push jerk: 2rm


         10 amrap

         10 snatches

         20 lunges

         200m run

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“Tuesday 11.19.13”

IMG 2485

IMG 0427

One year ago today, two things happened: Chris started coaching promptly at 6am, and at 7:43am Cruz was born. We are extremely grateful for both of these additions to our family and ironically, they came into our lives on the same day! Nothing tops the welcoming community we have for accepting our not-so-new-now coach Chris and the Cruz. Thank you!


          19 burpees


           double unders


        weighted sit-ups: 4x10

        strict TTB: 3x8


         3 rounds (1 min ea)

         KB swings (53/35)


         box jumps (30/24)


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“monday 11.18.13”photo-1


          mobility- front rack + squat


           hang squat clean/ squat clean/power clean


        10min to establish a 2 rep max hang squat clean tng



         a] 2 amrap

            Hang squat cleans (use 70% of 2 rep)

           rest 3 min

         b] 15-12-9

             power clean (115/80)

             ring dips

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