“wednesday 10.30.13”

Thursday We will pick best costume from each class then the overall winner at the end of the night. 


          coaches choice




        L-Sit: 4xME

        weighted plank hold: 4x:45 


        15 amrap

         2 wall walks

         12 slam balls

         10 burpees

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“tuesday 10.29.13”photo 1

 The ladies Comp class will start next Tuesday @7pm.

Congrats to Coach Zon-ramp!


          3 rounds: 7 burpees ME rest :30


           clean pull


       1. a)max box jump 

           b) clean pull: 4x3

       2. a)bench press: 3x8

           b)face pull: 3x20  


        2 rounds (time cap 12)

         200m sprint

         15 kbs (70/53)

         25 burpees

         15 kbs

         200m sprint

         rest 3min

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“monday 10.28.13”IMG 5399








         400m run

        3 rounds

        10 snatches (155/105)

        15 ttb

        400m run


        [15m cap]

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          mobility + 50 double unders


           c2b/pendlay row


        strict pull-up: 3rm

        Pendlay row:4x5


         7 amrap

         8 c2b pull ups

         30 double unders

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“thursday 10.24.13”

IMG 2576

This Friday at 6pm we will have a competitors meeting before training.

Anyone serious about competing is welcome to the meeting.


          mobility (rack position)


           power clean/ hang power clean


        power clean:10rm



         12 amrap

         200m run

         10 hang power clean (135/95)

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“wednesday 10.23.13”


Mike D will be on "Cutthroat kitchen" this sunday @ 10pm! 




           triple jump/deadlift


        max distance stationary triple jump: 5 attempts

        max distance broad jump: 5 attempts


         3 rounds

         3min on 2min off 

         8 burpee bar hops (chest to floor only standard)

         8 deadlifts (155/105)

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“tuesday 10.22.13”IMG 5336




           hang squat clean


        hang squat clean + squat clean: work up to heavy 


         4 rounds (12 cap)

        20 kb swings

        10 sdhp

        20 lunges


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“monday 10.21.13”

IMG 2560


          8 sit-ups/ 8 pull-ups/ 8 push-ups/ 8 burpees




        ttb: 2xME

        work to a heavy: 1 press+2 push press+ 3 push jerks


         6 amrap

         4 pull-ups (unbroken) or jumping pull-ups

         8 push-ups

         4 burpees


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“friday 10.18.13”

IMG 2580


          15 banded good mornings/ 10 lunges x3




        deadlift: 3rm  


         7 otm

        7 deadlifts (70% of 3rm)

        ME bar hops

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“thursday 10.17.13”

IMG 2566


One of the most frequently asked questions that Jared and I answer is a supplement question.  “What do you take,? When do you take it,? What does it do?” Everyone these days, myself included, is looking to maximize the results of their hard work with supplementation. Lets face it some of the foods we eat these days are not exactly rich in nutrients and vitamins, and supplements are a great way of making sure our body gets what it needs to stay healthy, get really fit, and look great naked.

There are thousands of supplements out there and in my opinion most of them are crap. Throughout my football career I had to be very careful of what I took so I have done quite a bit of research on the products that I use. Below I will talk about some of the supplements that I use daily, and would recommend for you as well.

Lets start with the morning. If your anything like me getting moving in the morning is tough. Starting my morning with Mocha Progenex mixed with my black coffee is a great option. This can be done with “More Muscle” or “Recovery,” pick your poison.  On days where I get a great breakfast and am not in the mood for coffee Advocare SPARK is what I will chose.  Spark comes in a bunch of different flavors and is a great source of energy that will wake you up and give you a sharp mental focus without the jittery feeling of a cup of coffee.  Morning is also a good time to throw in some fish oil as well. Progenex and Advocare both make a quality fish oil.

Next we will go to Pre-workout. Getting prepared for a CrossFit workout is much different than a “Golds Gym” type workout. We can’t take something that will get our heart rate jacked up because it’ll make you feel like your heart is going to explode during the WOD. Amino Energy is a BCAA that I use often before workouts. It wakes you up a bit and tastes pretty good as well. This is something you can sip on throughout the strength as well and will continue to give you energy with out making your heart pound. Another one of my go to pre-workouts is Advocare Muscle Fuel.  This is a little more of a old school pre-workout but wont raise your heat rate to much.  If I really need a pick me up to get motivated to workout this is what I will use.  Now for my favorite thing to take before a big metcon, or any breathing workout is O2 Gold by Advocare. I joke around and call this product “ the third lung.” They are pills that you take 60 minutes before you workout and they bring more oxygen to your lungs. You wont get winded as fast and when you do get winded you seem to catch your breath very fast. It’s a crossfitters dream supplement in my opinion.

Post workout is maybe the most important part of recovering and building muscle.  My personal favorite is Progenex Recovery, or More Muscle mixed with coconut water. Throwing a scoop or two of Glutamine will also help with recovering after a tough workout.  Progenex is possibly the best tasting protein shake Ive ever had, but its actually quality whey protein as well. Try and make the shake no longer than 15 minutes after your workout for best results.

One of the most forgotten times for supplementation is before bed. Most of our recovery is done while we sleep, so getting good quality sleep is a great way to get our body to build muscle and recover. The two products that I recommend for this are Advocare Nigh Time Recovery and Progenex Cocoon. The Night Time Recover comes in pill form and the Cocoon is a shake that you mix with hot water.  Both of these products have very similar ingredients and will put you in a deep deep sleep!

If you have any questions on any of these supplements or other products, where to get them, how much they cost, or how to take them, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Coach Chris Z


          200m run/ 10 tuck jumps/ crab walk x2


           rkb swings


        12 otm

        15 rkb swings odd

        10 burpees even


         10 otm

         200m run


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