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A message from TJ O’Neill of Game Plan Nutrition:

Hey CFRTE1ers, Just here dropping some knowledge! Some of you may know me from CrossFit Southie; others of you don't know me at all. However, I have been friends with Jared, Braden and Zardas through our love of CrossFit over the past few years. I know most of you crazy kids have an idea of what you do and don't like when it comes to nutritional supplements, but I just want to take a minute to tell you about a Boston based company called Game Plan Nutrition. I was hired to create partnerships with CrossFit boxes and athletes alike.  Most supplement companies that are heavily used with in CrossFit only make proteins. The supplement world does not begin or end there! I am going to tell you about some the different products we carry and why Game Plan should be your one stop shop for supplements.

WHEY PROTEIN: It is 100% hormone free, all natural whey with out any absurd ingredients that I can't pronounce, let alone spell. (Our protein is NSF certified and banned substance free.) As you probably already know, having a protein rich diet is essential in building lean muscle and helping your body recover after a hard workout.  Once you finish crushing a WOD your body is dying for some protein to begin the rebuilding process.  Consuming protein in a liquid form allows your muscles to abroad the protein faster, not to mention a chocolate shake is a lot easier to stomach then a T-bone steak post workout.

RECOVERY: I think this product would serve the CrossFit community well. It is a flavored blend of amino acids and creatine.  BCAA's are essential in order for your body to perform at peak levels during an intense workout. BCAA's are the building blocks in the protein synthesis process, and promote building muscle as well as fat loss.  I like to put a couple scoops of Recovery in my water bottle and drink it throughout my strength sets. 

LIFE: This supplementation packet is super convenient. Each packet contains a combination of vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, greens, and Omega-3s. They are individually packaged into daily servings to make it easy for you. The greens get you all those vitamins and minerals that we sometimes miss out on by not eating all of our veggies. Your daily Omega-3s will help you lose body fat as well as decrease inflammation and cure joint pain. A probiotic helps with your digestion system do its job, while boosting your immune system.  I like to take one packet in the morning and one at night. 

T-JACK: Another popular pill we make is testosterone booster. T-Jack aids the natural process your body takes part in while creating testosterone. As you get older the amount of testosterone your body produces decreases. This can decrease your muscle mass and increase stored fat as well as leave you feeling sluggish when it is time to workout. Taking T-Jack combats against this aging process and helps restore your energy levels. 

Those are some different products that I think you crazy CrossFitters will dig, but not all the products that we carry. If you want to check out some of the other things we carry, or even order some stuff please visit the CrossFit Route 1/ Game Plan partner page atcrossfitroute1.gameplan.com. This page will eliminate trying to find time to run to GNC when you are running low on your monthly supply of supplements. You can sign up for a personal Game Plan subscription products will show up on your doorstep each month and you receive free shipping! You can pause or cancel your plan up to the day before it ships out, absolutely no buy-in cost or cancellation fees. We believe your coaches are better qualified to refer products to their athletes then the guy at your local supplement shop.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Game Plan! I will be at CrossFit Route 1 TODAY, Wednesday (8/13) from 5PM to 8PM doing a protein tasting. So, after you crush your WOD come see us and we will hook you up with some post work out goodness! Happy Crushing.





           plank hold


Weighted Plank holds: 10 sets x :30sec 

3 x 300m me row


7 amrap

ME burpees 





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