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It was a very cold winter, and, should you feel like you have a little extra blubber to lose, we have just the answer. We are also going to be providing you with all the tools and benchmarks to ensure success. Here’s the scoop:

1.    Kickoff Meeting on Sunday MAY 25th at 9:30am. We will discuss specifics of the challenge and offer tips for success.

2.    From Tuesday the 27th thru Friday the 30th, all participants must meet with Katie B to be measured (using a bodyfat skinfold caliper) and to discuss nutrition plans for the challenge.

3.    Challenge officially begins on Monday, June 2nd, and ends on Monday, June 30th.

4.    Cost is $30 (just about a buck/day) to participate, and the winner (highest %BF lost, NOT body weight) will receive a free month of membership!

5.    This is not a Paleo/Advocare challenge, but you are welcome to use either/both. Visit www.paleopowermeals.com for easy and delicious Paleo meals, and ask Chris for any Advocare needs.

6.    For that extra boost, we will ask that all participants come in for a WOD at least four times a week throughout the challenge. Additionally, Katie will be running “Endurance WODs” during Open Gym every Sunday (9am).

7.    On June 15th (Father’s Day!), CrossFit Route 1 will be participating in the Melrose Fire 5k and Kids’ Fun Run, and we ask that all Fat-Loss Challenge participants join us (any other members as well). We will have two teams again Team Riz and Team K-BO.

That’s it for now! See Katie with any questions, and we can’t wait to see you all at the Kickoff Meeting on the 25th.


          shoulder + hip mobility




        back squat: 3x10@73% (up last set if you can)







"What fits your busy schedule better exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?"

Joel Machado


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