“friday 2.28.14”

Dont forget about "Tough Love 2", this sunday @10am, bring a friend.  No open gym.

Now that we are in Opens season, it’s so easy to get caught up in the competition, the “pressure” of getting a good score, of beating so-and-so.
But, I invite you to take the opposite perspective: right before a workout, before that 10 second countdown, take just one second. Remember yourself before your first ever WOD.
How you just wanted to survive, let alone PR or Rx. Think about how much better your body moves, how, believe it or not, you
 tolerance for burpees has gone up, if only slightly.
Celebrate how far you’ve come. And how much further you can go (and grow!) should you choose to remain dedicated. Then take a deep breath and GO! Crush it in honor of your “beginner” self!

On a related note, the Opens are an incredible time for the CrossFit community. It’s like the whole world has one big whiteboard, and we are all in the same class. And everyone is working their absolute hardest, giving it their 110%. What a perfect time to bring someone new into the fold, to experience the best of what CrossFit has to offer.
Go back to how you began your CrossFit journey… for many of you, all it took was one co-worker that believed in you, or one sibling or cousin who challenged you, or simply just someone who was willing to stand by  you that first WOD.

So, take a look around: which of your friends and co-workers have expressed interest in CrossFit? Which are triathletes? Yoginis? Which seem to be struggling to find their fitness “thing”?  Consider inviting them to come watch a class, or give them the info for the next Prep Course. Remember, unless otherwise specified, our Prep Courses begin on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. The first Prep class is free, and they can just drop in!

Remember: 1% better, every day.
Coach KBo

IMG 3532







         CrossFit open 14.1

         10 amrap

         30 double unders

         15 snatches (75/55)

“It is very motivating to get your sac publicly smoked by a five-foot female hippie pottery teacher from the local high school.” (Special Forces reaction to CrossFit seminar)

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