“tuesday 12.17.13”

This Friday 12/20/13 is our Christmas Party at Julep in Boston. Start time is 7pm its going to be a long fun night. Make sure to wear your dancing shoes.

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This Thursday 6:00 pm we will be holding an info meeting for anyone interested in doing January's advocare/ paleo challenge. This meeting will outline the rules and regulations for the challenge. Dates for start and finish of the challenge , and give a detailed description of all the supplement and how to use them. If you can not attend, or have any questions, please email Chris.
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          push jerk + split jerk


           Kroc Row



         push jerk + split jerk: work to a heavy complex

         Kroc row: 4x20



         3 rounds

         7 muscle-ups

         7 power snatch (165/115)

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. "

-Carol Welch

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