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If you have completed week 11 of hatch you can being following the class 
programing fully now. We will be squating 5-7 days a week. I will also be programing extra work for those looking to compete. The time needed to complete the extra work and class will range from 1-2 hrs daily. The extra is not something you can pick and choose. If you choose to do the extra you will need to do it every day for it to be worth it.  The training schedule for competitors will be Monday, double some Tuesdays, off Wednesday, Thursday,Friday, Saturdays and sundays off. There will be some doubles friday and Saturday's.
If you have not finished week 11 of Hatch do not do any squat strength until you are done.


          mobility + dynamic



                        Back squat: 5x65% / 5x75% / 5+85% 

                          (use 90% of 1rm as your 1rm when figuring out %) if you do not have a 1 rep max get one


         3 rounds (2min on 3min off) 

         8 slam balls (50/35)

         10 box jumps (jump side ways if you can on then over the box and back= 2) (24/20)

         5 burpees

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

-Benjamin Franklin

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