“thursday 10.3.13”

Attention competitors, future competitors, and anyone else that cares....
Several members have asked if they can attend our Friday night (6:15pm) and Saturdaymorning (10:15am) "team" wods. These WODS are open to any of our cfrte1 family, however there are some things to keep in mind: 
1. There will be no coaching. 
2. You must be able to do most movements at RX. (pull-ups...) 
3. You must know how to scale/ modify the movements that you are unable to do at RX. 
4. You must be ready for some serious (but not always serious) competition (and fun). 
Our ultimate goal in these WODS is to prepare our athletes for upcoming competitions and help make our team the strongest, baddest cf team in Melrose, MA.... And possibly the WORLD (muahaha- insert Dr. Evil laugh)! 


          10 back squats/10 power cleans/10 push-ups x 3 (w/bar)


           power clean



         Bring Sally Up: front squat (115/80)

         rest 10 min

         Roxanne: power clean

         rest 5 min

         Let it be: burpee

“Training for a fight by running twenty minutes everyday makes perfect sense if you plan on running away from your opponent and know you will be getting a ten minute headstart.”

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