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hang power clean


a)build to heavy: hang power clean 15min

b) max height knee jumps



40 kbs/rkbs (70/53)

30 burpee box jump (20)

20 hspu/ onbox 2x45w/ab/25+45w/ab

10 hang clean (185/130)

20 hspu

30 burpee box jumps

40 kbs/rkbs

18 min cap






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“tuesday 11.25.14”

IMG 5982

Staying Tight

Growing up as a competitive gymnast, phrases like "stay tight" and "keep your legs together" are as common as "make your bed" and "clean your room." I often used to wonder, why?? Why is it so important for me to keep my body so tight when it's so much easier to just focus on the trick or routine?? Is it just for the tenths of a point I will be deducted or is it more?

When I started CrossFit my daughter was just 6 months old and I had a long long way to go to get my body back....I was the ultimate replica of a fire hydrant. I remember the first time I grabbed the pull-up bar in a programmed workout, it was like a flashback. I could almost see my coach sitting there right in front of me yelling, as he did so well before, those same two phrases. It took a while but I finally got my kipping pull-ups all while really trying to use what I had learned so long ago to help me get better. A real sign of maturity!!!  And I think that's when it clicked....there is a very good reason why we are always told to be tight and keep our legs together.
Here goes...
"The tighter you are...the lighter you are." 
Now who doesn't like the sound of that?? Most of us wish we could shed a few to make things a bit easier right? If we stay tight while hanging we become more efficient and we move like we are that few pounds lighter!!
"A cooked piece of spaghetti is way less efficient than a raw one". When you flop around like a piece of spaghetti you have what one would call an energy leak.  Instead of relying on your whole entire body to pull you up you are using whatever muscle will work...usually your shoulders and rotator cuff which is, as you can imagine, not good. That leads me to my last helpful hint...
"Save your shoulders"  We use our shoulders more than we think and it is a huge downer when they aren't feeling so good so keep that body tight, squeeze your butt, squeeze your legs, squeeze your core and try to save your shoulders from any unwanted injuries that may occur.
Hopefully the next time you go to grab the bar you will hear me in the back of your head, being that coach I remember from so long ago, telling you to squeeze and stay tight!! It will not be easy at first but it will, no doubt, make things way easier in the long run!! 
Good luck and stay tight!!


coaches choice




1) wide grip pull-ups: 4x3 weighted

2a) 3x ME ring rows

2b) skater hops: 4x8each (stick landing hold 2 sec)




ohs (115/80)

c2b/pull-ups/banded pull-ups


12-9-6 (no scaling)

ohs (155/105)



12 cap for both






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“monday 11.24.14”10363342 10101722230049049 6601179281808580970 n


Friday afternoon I was given some bittersweet news from Coach Chris. In February he and his girlfriend will be opening up their own box in Mansfield.  I am so excited for them and their new venture and hope nothing but the best. At the same time I am saddened to not be able to hang with my buddy everyday at work. It looks like I will be left to tease Katie all by myself. It’s been a pleasure to have Chris as a coach for the past two years. We will have to take advantage of everything he’s got for the next few months, while we still have him! 

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dynamic + mobility


burpee db squats clean thrusters



10 min build to heavy 1 front squat, doesn’t need to be a PR




OTM 10


odd: 5 burpee db squats clean thrusters


even: 8 box jump step downs (30/24)


rest 5 min


7 amrap


10 push-ups


35 double unders






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“friday 11.21.14”

I dont expect you to watch the entire thing! min 40-50 and 1:40min mark.

Ok boys and girls today marks the end of our 5 week Oly focused cycle. It's time to crank some music and retest our 1rm Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Good luck. YYYYYYYYYYYYUUP!


snatch/ C+J


snatch/ C+J


20 min to build to a 1rm Snatch

20 min to build to a 1rm Clean and Jerk





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“Thursday 11.20.14”

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3450993Happy 2 year Anniversary Chris Zardas

Yes, a day late but still just as important. The man in the middle (and the mug on the left) came into my life about three years ago. When I first met him I thought "man, this is a gentle giant of a kid". For those that don't know, he is from Wakefield and a SJP grad. In high school and college he was kind of a big deal. Not until he started working at CFRTE1 did I realize he was the kid at the prep back in the day that coaches from all over state where coming to see. Needless to say as you guys all know he is a very gifted athlete and a great coach but most of all one of my closest friends. Two years ago (today/ slash yesterday depending on when you read this) two huge changes happened to me: 1. "The Cruz" was born 2. Zonramp become CFRTE1's first fulltime coach and my good friend/littlest brother. I am ever so greatful for him making the move to CFRTE1!


These are a couple things you may not know about Chris:

This article not only talks about the legend of #27 but also has a quote from our very own CFRTE1 athlete and fellow teammate, SJP alum Jon Cassidy. http://www.boston.com/sports/schools/football/articles/2004/09/23/preps_zardas_is_back_where_he_belongs/ 

Not many of us have our name on a Wikipedia page but CZ does.



coaches choice


bent row


bent over row: 4x5

dragon fly: 4x3



OTM 18

min 1: 12 box jumps (24/20)

min 2: 8-10 burpees 

min 3: 8-10 ring rows 





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“wednesday 11.19.14”

IMG 5456





Clean and Jerk


Clean and Jerk: 3x1@ 75-80%


14 amrap (8/26/14)


10 wb (20/14)


 5  s2oh (135/95)


10 rkbs (70/53)






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“tuesday 11.18.14”10453087 465971460213765 1019113667171504172 o copy



          3 rounds-20 banded rev fly/ 8 squat jumps/ 5 push-ups




1) speed back squats: 10x2 @ 50%  OTM

2) strict pull-ups: 3x3 (hands 5 inches wider than normal) 


8 amrap

50 double unders

10 pull-ups 





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“monday 11.17.14”


Why E-WOD?


In the 70s/80s/90s, long-term aerobic capacity was the gold standard of fitness.  Think marathoning in the 70s, aerobics in the 80s, and Spinning ® in the 90s. Yet, as of late, fitness professionals and whole companies have built businesses on the concept of building cardiac power: using brief (60-120sec) intervals of very high intensity effort (max heart rate) followed by 2-5 minutes, an athlete can increase the size, mitochondrial density, and contractile power of their heart, which means the heart has to work less hard to do the same work, so it’s less likely to fatigue. This, in turn, means we can continue to do that hard, short work. Win!

Truly, as CrossFitters (slash first responders, slash burst-sport athletes like football players and MMA fighters, etc, ect), it is very important to train this aspect of cardiovascular fitness, because it fits the form of what we often do for exercise (slash work). And, as we know, that aforementioned, old-fashioned/long-distance/slow-moving cardio does not build lean mass, nor does it improve your explosively/agility. So, why Endurance WODs?

It turns out, building your heart as a muscle is not necessarily the same thing as building it’s capacity for work, especially over time. Quite literally, doing low/moderate intensity work (130-150 heart beats for minute, or 13-15/20 rate of perceived exertion, 20 being max effort) for sustained periods of time (at least 30 min, better 60!), forces your heart to grow (specifically, your left ventricle). This means it can hold more blood, so when it pumps, it forces more blood out to your muscles, etc., while maintaining a relatively lower heart rate. Efficiency! And, this effect applies to working and rest heart rates, so your bod gets to enjoy this efficient, oxygen/nutrient/hormone-carrying blood-flow 24-7!


But, who cares about overall health and longevity?! (That’s a joke, I hope…?)


How will training your cardiovascular endurance make you a better CROSSFITTER?!!??!













Check that out. It’s clear that your body’s alactic energy production system provides the high-energy power you need for work that lasts 10-12 seconds, and that your anaerobic lactic system (mid-power) is behind 60-90 second bouts. However, if you look carefully, the AEROBIC process is ALWAYS helping, even during the first few seconds of effort! And, as the only energy system that can break down your bodily fats for fuel, it’s able to take advantage of the fact that 1 gram of fat yields 9 calories of energy, vs 4 calories for a gram of carbohydrate. This means that, once your aerobic system starts doing its job, it can just keep doing it, so you will be less likely to fatigue should you have a workout bout that lasts longer than 90 seconds.

Finally, what’s cool about the aerobic process is that it works to refuel the other two processes once those energy sources have been depleted. Think of last Monday’s WOD (1 C&J every :30 for 10 minutes): although your alactic system helps your explosively complete the lift, it’s your aerobic system that sustains you, and allows you to maintain that energy in minute 10. Note: our classes at CrossFit Route 1 are an hour… just think how much more work you could get done during the last 2 minutes of your WOD if your aerobic system was strong enough to carry you for the remaining 58.5 minutes of class, long after your lactic energy production has pooped out!

If you can build your aerobic capacity and aerobic power you can increase your aerobic threshold, meaning you can work harder and faster before becoming dependent on lactic/alactic energy production. In other words, you can push a higher RPM (or heart rate) without having to shift into a higher gear. Seeing as those higher gears (alactic/lactic energy metabolism) come with nasty side effects like rapid fatigue and metabolic by-products (helloooo AirDyne sprints and swollen quads!), this is a very good thing.

Now, the downside is that it takes a few more steps for your body to create ATP (read: “cellular energy”) aerobically. That’s why it isn’t as powerful (or quick to kick in) as alactic or lactic production. Yet, energy production is largely limited by oxygen supply… all it really needs is oxygen to do its job. Therefore, THIS is why it’s so important that we take just ONE hour a week to train this energy pathway: it is the underlying foundation that will make all the rest of your workouts even more successful, but it can only be improved with SPECIFIC methodologies that will heighten your body’s ability to deliver more oxygen to your cells.

To review: this means lower intensity… think 6.7-7.5/10 effort, or 65-75% of max effort. And it means that it needs to be basically sustained for 30-90 minutes. This can be running, rowing, swimming, jumping rope, agility drills, biking, lightly weighted movements, bodyweight movements, etc, etc, and can be a combination of any of those. And it only needs to be done 1-3x/wk to derive big benefits! Whoop!!!!

I rest my case. See you at the next Endurance WOD- Sunday, 11/23 @ 9am.

Love, K-Bo

PS… And for those of you who just want to look good naked? True, CrossFit-style intervals and weightlifting do have a more favorable hormonal/systemic response than a long, slow run. This is why long distance runners are not super jacked, and might even be slightly “skinny-fat”. But remember two things:

A) I am not telling you to go for a 3-mile run every morning, instead of coming to CrossFit. H*LLLLLL NO. I want you to continue taking your 3-5 classes/wk, I just want you to add in some endurance work 1 day a week.

B) Running/rowing/etc for 60 minutes burns a LOT of calories while you are doing it, it just doesn’t burn quite as much AFTER the workout as an interval/strength workout might. In other words, while your body might burn “1/2X” during a brief, high intensity WOD and an additional “1/2X” in the 24 hours following that WOD, you would instead have burned “X” during your 5 mile run, but not much once you stop running. Either way, you still earned “X” calories worth of Boloco/margaritas/whatever 

Cite: Jamieson, Joel. "The Aerobic System." Ultimate MMA Conditioning. Kirkland, WA: Performance Sports, 2009.









Snatch@ 90-95% x 1

build slowly




otm 10 


1 snatch every :30  @65%

This is the last week of our Oly cycle. There will be a deload period from tue-thurs. We will then test our 1rm friday. Make sure to get plenty of sleep this week and eat a lot of clean food.






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“friday 11.14.14”

We are pleased to welcome our newest interns onto our staff here at CrossFit Route 1- Leigha Maciel and “Sweddie” Eddie Melara!

Leigha has been a dedicated member here since October 2012, as well as a consistent competitor. As a former gymnast, Leigha excels on the pull-up bar, rings, and while upside down!

“Sweddie” is a relatively new member at our gym, but has already made a big impact. If you have taken a class with him, you know how motivating and FUN he is to have around: he truly loves the Box atmosphere, and the camaraderie during workouts… and he’s really hard to catch during a WOD!

Both Leigha and Sweddie have just recently earned their CrossFit Level I certifications, and will be shadowing classes as well as helping out around the gym. Should you need anything at all, be sure to track them down!

Welcome you two!


PS The Christmas Party will be 12/19. Starts a 6pm. 






Jerk - max for day; 80% of that (3x1) 10min

Power clean - 70% (3x3) 10min



5 amrap

12 wallball (20/14)

8 deadlifts (185/130)

rest 5 min

5 amrap

12 wallball (20/14)

8 deadlifts (185/130)






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“Thursday 11.13.14”

IMG 5933



coaches choice





weighted sit-ups: 3x15


rev band fly: 3x20


banded face pull: 3x20




16 amrap


10 sdhp (53/35)


15 t2b


20 box jumps (24/20)


30 double under


3 wall walks






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